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factory difrect sale fiberglass tissue tape

Basic Information

Size:: 20g/ To 100g/
Color:: White Or Black Color
Width:: 1m1.3m
Length::25m, 50m
Fiberglass tissue can produce different series as per different purposes.
Facing tissue is used in the building decoration materials like wall covering.
Fiberglass roofing tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for water-proof roofing materials, it is reinforced in the bitumen sheet.
Pipe warp tissue is mainly used as basic materials for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines for oil or gas transportation
FRP Surfacing tissue is mainly used for the surface layers of FRP products.
Fiberglass facing tissue is a new excellent basic material used in the ostentatious material of mineral wool, board, glass wall. It has capability like uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, well-distributed thickness, easily coated by various painting and good fire proof.
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